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Tips for Planning Autumn and Winter Weddings

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Autumn and Winter are beautiful seasons to get married in. You can have your ceremony in a warm, cosy venue with beautiful lighting and festive finishing touches. However, preparing for autumn or winter weddings are slightly different from planning weddings in Spring or Summer. If you're thinking about getting married this autumn or winter, here's what we recommend:


Picture: Wedding party with burnt orange wedding theme featuring burnt orange wedding ties - perfect ties for weddings UK. 


Get the date right

Autumn and winter weddings are less busy than their spring and summer counterparts, which means you have more flexibility in choosing a date. You could choose to hold your wedding at a time when there’s a chance of snow on the ground – although past years have proven a bit hit or miss, especially if you are in the South! This is sure to add some wintery magic (and fun!) to any festivities and wedding pictures. Alternatively, you could choose to hold your wedding at a time when the weather is normally slightly warmer but still gives you an opportunity to add some autumnal magic while still being able to get some outside photo shoots. Christmas and New Year’s Eve weddings are also a popular choice – everyone is already in the festive spirit and ready to party into the early hours with you!


Picture: Groomsmen and groom ties for weddings - Burnt orange Charlie tie

Plan your theme

An autumn or winter wedding also gives you an opportunity to dress up or down in ways that suit your personality or style – or both! They give you freedom from the heat (which mean no uncomfortable clothing) while also offering plenty of opportunity for stylish outfits that reflect your personality. You might choose something warm but elegant – like a velvet bow tie! But let’s not forget a personal favourite here at Dickie Bow – a healthy dose of tweed! Be sure to check out our full range for all our mens wedding ties


Picture: Wool tweed burgundy bowtie and pocket square - perfect wedding tie UK combo! 

Pick a venue

Choose a venue that’s cosy and warm; think glistening, low lighting and perhaps a fireplace or wood-burning stoves in places where you might be hosting your wedding breakfast. If your vision for the big day involves antique furniture, vintage lighting fixtures and rustic details like wreaths made from dried hydrangeas hanging on the wall – then these details will all help to create those cosy, autumnal vibes. If you are planning a wedding and hoping for some slightly warmer weather, you might consider a venue that has an outdoor firepit or chimenea for guests to gather around during cocktail hour before heading inside for dancing!


Picture: Charlie burnt orange tweed mens wedding tie matching with wildflower buttonhole and grey tweed suit. 


Decide on a colour scheme

When choosing a colour scheme, think about the season. You don’t want to pick colours that will make your guests think they’re in the middle of summer. For example, if you’re getting married in December or January, you’ll want to stick with earth tones (such as our beautiful orange tones of terracotta, rust or dusky cinnamon). If your venue has plenty of views into the wild beyond then consider taking advantage of the natural elements around. That could be something as simple as using green table linen or using lots of foliage inside in your floral arrangements. Our sage green kids bow ties for your page boys are always a great hit.   



Choose your flowers

You can’t have a wedding without flowers. Since they’re such an important part of the day, it’s worth thinking about them for a while. Here are some things to consider:

  • What flowers are in season? Since this is autumn or winter, there is lots of opportunity for plenty of lush evergreen foliage; beautiful, twisted twigs; and even potential for dried flowers to fit with an autumnal theme (think about all those great options for unique textures)
  • What do you like? If there is a certain flower or arrangement you simply love, don’t let trends or others tell you otherwise!



Decide on a dress code

Winter weddings are often more casual, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear formal attire – we particularly love a mens tie and pocket square for our groomsmen. The bride and groom have plenty of opportunity for expressing their individuality (this is one of my favourite things about winter weddings), but it’s up to the couple to decide what they feel is appropriate for the venue. If you’re in a barn or rustic venue and want to show off a vintage wedding dress, go for it! Consider your guests’ comfort level when choosing your dress code and décor details, plenty of warm fluffy blankets around for your guests when they are enjoying a drink at your evening reception.


Picture: We love a mini bow tie and suit paired with a waistcoat. This bowtie from our kids range is in a gorgeous burnt orange tone. 


Create a winter wonderland for your guests

One of my favourite things about autumn and winter weddings is how intimate they feel, as the night draws in you can up the atmosphere with twinkling candles (or faux candles if your venue doesn’t allow for the real thing). The low lighting is perfect, especially if you have opted for sequins or pearls on your dress, for bouncing the light and creating the perfect warm glowy atmosphere.

Use lots of greenery. Greenery and wreaths are another great way to add colour and warmth to your wedding décor, especially in the winter months when it’s harder to get flowers blooming!

Lots of texture and colour – Autumn and Winter are perfect seasons for using lots of unique texture to create the perfect wedding theme – think velvet, tweed, faux fur. This is great if your venue is a blank canvas, and you can add lots of your own individual touches. Think about using really rich, deep colours to add to that warm feel, use might want to consider our burgundy tie and pocket square matching set for your groomsmen.  

Festive wedding favours – If you are planning your special day for over the festive period then this this is such a great time of year to give special wedding favours to your guests, one idea we love is giving Christmas decorations as wedding favours for that treasured something for guests to keep forever.




Don’t forget the music

This wedding is all about the vibes – so how to do ensure that the music sets the right tone?

You’ll want to start thinking about this as soon as possible so that you have time to plan and execute everything properly. First things first: consult with your venue and see what types of speakers they have available for music, whether they allow bands and do they have a preferred suppliers list. If you are in a listed building or have neighbours close to the venue then it is likely they might want you to stick to some known bands or dj’s to the venue.

Next up: decide what type of music will best suit your wedding; one option is to involve your guests early – ask for any song requests on the wedding invite, songs that will be sure to get your nearest and dearest up dancing all night long.


In autumn and winter, everything just feels so cosy and romantic. Pick a date that works best for you, and make sure to pick a venue that will be perfect for your ceremony. Prepare everything in advance so that when it comes down to it, all you have to do is look gorgeous!

Happy planning,

Dickie Bow x

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