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Why a Winter Wedding: How to Create a Winter Wonderland

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Winter Wonderland

The idea of glorious sunshine, picture perfect backdrops and happy, champagne swigging guests is my kind of wedding.  However, even as a sun worshipper I'd still considered a winter wedding.  Here's my top reasons to embrace the cold and create a day you'll love:

1. You might get snow

Ok, so this might not be for everyone and statistically its pretty slim if you're down south like me buuuttttt, you could get the white stuff and there are few decorations in the world that can complete with the magical feeling of fresh snow!  Even if you don't, autumn has plenty of its own spirit so enjoy the changing of seasons and make it part of your day.
Pictured: Alternative Winter Wedding with Snow, photo credit: RPro Photo

2. Money

Having a wedding out of season can save you a fortune and enable you to get venues that might otherwise have a long waiting list.  As with all things, if you go against the grain you can negotiate a little better and benefit from buying out of the peak June to September season.  Also, if you get married around Christmas time you can make the most of your venue's decorations which they will have already spent hours putting up.  Bonus!
Pictured: Barn Winter Wedding with Twinkly Fairy Lights, Photo Credit: Winnington Coe Photography. Groom wearing dove grey Amelia tie. 

3. Being different

Some years we've had 7 weddings across a few months and as fun as they are it can be a challenge for the happy couples to set themselves apart from the wedding the weekend before.  A beauty of a winter wedding is that it lends itself to a little more theming - you can go ultra glam with some dramatic deep colours for bridesmaids or embrace the country rustic vibe with table decorations and grooms wear.   
Pictured: Cosy Winter Wedding Breakfast Table Styling, photo credit: Winnington Coe Photography. 

4. You know where you stand

As any bride will know, one of the most angst causing things is the weather!  We live in the UK and consequently even our finest months are completely unpredictable.  With a winter wedding you can give up on the weather from the outset and focus on the elements you can control like great food and good décor.  Consequently, your day will run a lot smoother than if you have all your hopes pinned on guests enjoying the grounds for 2 hours while you get your photos done!
Pictured: Some of our lovely customers with the groom wearing Arthur navy blue bow tie

5. Get Hygge - for all

Hygge, for those of you who don't know ;) is the much cited Danish concept of being ultra cosy, hanging with family and friends and all being well in the world (in a nutshell).  What better place to express this than at your wedding.  To embrace hygge focus on things like mulled wine, blankets for outdoor strolls and candles....tons and tons of candles!  Let your wedding be more than just your big day, let it be a day for all your loved ones to feel loved too!
Pictured: Groom wearing Vesper tie. Photo Credit: Lauren Elliott Photography

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