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How to Reuse Your Bow Tie After the Big Day

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After months and months of meticulous planning, guest lists and the occasional stress-related meltdown, you can feel a little glum after your wedding day is over.


After all, all those hours you spent making sure those tiny details were just perfect on your big day it seems such a shame that most of the items you’ve purchased are either going to end up on eBay or be packed away in a box never to see the light of day again.

However, we've got some really cute ideas for salvaging a few keepsakes from what was undoubtedly one of the happiest days of your life, so read on to discover three great ideas for things to do with your wedding accessories after the big day.


  1. A bride and groom frame

Grab yourself a display frame in the colour of your choice as we’re going to create a bride and groom frame!

Using your now husband’s Bow tie and pocket square, your garter plus a few dried flowers from your bridal bouquet, you can easily create a beautiful reminder of your big day.

Simply mount the items in the display frame using pins or a good quality glue or clear tape before reattaching the back panel. Leave to dry for a few hours and voila! Your gorgeous wedding day keepsake is now ready to hang on the wall.

To make sure you get the composition right before you glue or pin, try a few different positions for all of the items to get the best effect.

Wedding keep sake box frame Carter Tweed Burgundy Red Bow Tie | Dickie Bow  

 Pictured: The Range cream picture frameCarter deep burgundy tweed bow tie


  1. Make a cute collar for your pet

Bow ties are a great trend for grooms, but even pets are getting in on the action now! Making a cute collar from your hubby’s dickie bow is really easy, so you don’t even need to be a sewing superstar to create one at home.

Just choose a standard house collar that compliments the colour of the dickie bow and grab yourself some matching thread. Next, start to sew the back bow loop section to the centre of the collar and repeat the process until it’s firmly attached.

Now your pet is rocking the dickie bow trend too!


Pictured: Stacey Solomon styled her dogs with our Harrison bow ties at her wedding so you can too! Photo credit: Chelsea White Photography


  1. Mirror, mirror

Many of us might remember a time where new husbands would hang their wife’s garter off the mirror of their car as a reminder of the big day – so why not do something similar with a dickie bow for the bride?

Simply snip off one end of the strap with a pair of scissors and then attach two small strips of Velcro to create a fastening loop that can be fixed around the mirror stem.

Now both parties have a little memento that they can enjoy when they’re out and about in the car.


Pictured: Charlie burnt orange bow tie, photo credit - The Twigs Photography


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