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Top Tips for Suiting Up ✨🤵

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When it comes to any big event whether its Black tie, prom or the big "I do" you're going to want to look your best. All eyes tend to be on the bride with the groom fading in the background, however, menswear is at its best right now with a huge range of choices in the high street and online so it neednt be this way. 

Here's a few things to bear in mind when picking your ultra dapper outfit, whatever the occasion.


Buying vs. Renting

The first big decision is to buy or rent a suit. Some of this decision will be shaped by the type of suit you want and the availability in your area.  For example, tweed suits look amazing but can cost a small fortune.  The upshot of buying this sort of suit is that you can separate the pieces and wear forever more as tweed is timeless.  For more traditional suits such as top and tails you'll most likely want to hire, in which case find a reputable company and check their quality thoroughly first.  The last thing you want is to be facing outfit issues a few days before your big day. 


Pictured: Dickie Bow customers rocking some stylish suits, featuring our deep burgundy wool tweed bow tie and our burnt orange wool tweed bow tie. Photo credits: Sasha Weddings Photography, The Twigs Photography.

Getting the wrong size

I remember reading once that its better to get a cheap suit that's tailored to your shape rather than a high end one which is a poor fit.   Whether buying or renting you can mix and match your suit jacket and trousers, few of us are perfectly even so don't fight it, just find what looks best.  This extends to your style - skinny fit may be the only thing you can feel comfortable in, in which case don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

Pictured: Groomsmen with matching wool tweed suits and our Charlie burnt orange wool tweed mens wedding ties. Photo Credit: Alexa Ann Photography. 

Don't Forget the Accessories

When you're stood in a sea of blue suits you'll be really glad you took some extra time to choose your accessories.  Ties, bow ties and pocket squares are your staple items but don't underestimate a good belt, tie or lapel pins and statement socks. Each of these give you a little chance to show some flair so its worth having a stock of go to items. 

And when it comes to tying you tie there are some great knots out there so perhaps take a little time to learn a Windsor knot or similar.  Equally, get your pocket square right, there are tons of different pocket square folds so pick what works for you.

       Pictured: Wedding day grooms and groomsmen accessories: don't forget the bow ties and matching pocket squares, featuring our black floral Vesper bow tie & burnt orange Charlie bow tie.             

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