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✨ Out-of-the-box Ideas to Showcase your Individuality on your Big Day ✨

Weddings are a celebration of the love that two people have for each other, but they’re also a great way of showcasing the individuality of the couple and all those people who are helping them with their nuptials.

Often, it’s the men that get railroaded into pretty standard looking hire suits as its considered the norm at most weddings, but it doesn’t really allow them to convey much about their personality. one puts baby in the corner so gents, here’s some ideas to take you outside of the box:

Mr Hipster

If day in day out you know style and tastes and don't mind taking a few risks, don't change for your big day! 

Sometimes a lack of choice or a pressure to conform to the norm can put too many chaps in traditional wedding suits.  If this is you for whatever reason, you can use the tradition structure of grooms wear but tweak everything.  For example:

- Ditch the Blue

    Burgundy Suit Alternative Hipster Wedding

Racing green, burgundy, checked; all these suits patterns and colours are refreshing to see at a wedding any time of the year and available at more and more places.

Try pairing this with either a red, burgundy, textured tie or soft blush pink cotton tie (as pictured).  


- Ditch the Jacket

Hipster Wedding Braces And Laser Cut Dress

I personally think with weddings being as exorbitantly expensive as they are these days you need to ask at every stage "do I need or actually want this thing?"  In the case of a jacket, does it work for you?  If not, get some braces or a good waistcoat and save yourself some cash.

- Go all in and accessorise in a big way!

The flip side of the minimalist look is to max out!  This doesn't need to be prohibitively expensive as you can often buy a decent, fairly standard suit on the high street (you need to try these on for sure!) and then have some fun online where you can often get quality accessories for much less.  A bow tie, pocket square and feather lapel pin is a combination that can look ultra expensive but doesn't break the bank.


                Pictured: Carter burgundy tweed bow tie


Mr Suave

For anyone looking for that suave and sophisticated James Bond look for the groom and groomsmen, then you won’t go wrong with a dark coloured skinny tie, copper tie clip and some quirky but cool cufflinks.

This can help bring a touch of class to even the plainest of suits without having to blow your formal attire budget.  Alternatively, go full tuxedo and get your groomsman to use their own.  I'll always remember an oh so cool black tie wedding I stumbled upon at San Francisco City Hall - it epitomised style but actually probably didn't cost that much.  The brides dress was pure rose gold sequin though so maybe that's where the budget went!

Liana Waffle Racing Green Knitted Tie | Dickie Bow

Jessica Noir Tweed Grey Bow Tie, Pocket Square and Peacock Lapel Pin

 See our collection of accessories here


Mr Floral fun

Floral is a big trend so get involved! Groomsmen with a big personality need a few accessories that are as bright and vibrant as they are, so the Tallulah tie, braces and pocket square set is ideal!


Photo Credit: Photos By Hash, Groom wearing Dickie Bow Floral Mens Wedding tie.

Not only is this set bright and bold, but because there's a wide range of complementary colours included in the design then its really easy to match it to a range of blue or grey suit shades and there's also plenty of shades that match for the bridesmaids outfits, so its win-win for the whole bridal party!


Photo Credit: Luis Holden Photography, Groom wears Vesper floral tie.

If you're feeling really brave, then why not let your groomsmen choose their own accessories that they feel best reflect their personalities? This works really well if you can agree on a trouser colour for the group but give them free rein elsewhere and can make for some amazing wedding photographs too!

Happy planning! 

Dickie Bow x

Are your groomsmen more Mr Hipster or Mr Suave? Check out our latest blog on some creative ideas for dressing groomsmen by personality for your big day! #wedding #groomsmen #formalattire

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