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Children’s Formalwear Isn’t Just for Weddings 

Baby bow tie boys dickie bows cake smash daddy and son outfits formalwear for kids matching bow tie and braces sets Tweed

Once reserved for weddings only, children’s formal wear is becoming more and more popular for a wide range of events and special occasions.

And why not? Not only do the little darlings look gorgeous in their dickie bows and braces, but they don’t stay little for long so as parents we want to use every opportunity we can to dress them up a little.

Here’s a few ideas on how to make the most of children’s formal wear using just a bow tie and pair of braces.


Cake Smash Birthday Photo

Baby boy bow tie and braces in cake smash birthday photo 

These are so cute and a fun way to mark birthdays at whatever age.  You could be brave and try this yourself but I think its probably better to let the professionals do the work (and the cleaning up!).  These days the only limitation on photo opportunities come from your own mind so go wild and let your little one do the same.  You can then give your bow tie a light handwash and keep it in a memory box or frame it alongside your photos for a bit of depth and extra interest.

First Day of School

Our little darlings get more photo opportunities than some A-list celebrities nowadays! From pre-school photo day, nursery graduations and school events, there are so many occasions that call for something a little smarter than the standard school uniform.

A pair of braces and a dickie bow isn't just cute, it's also a pretty good way of smartening things up a little without breaking the bank. Simply add a collared shirt and a pair of trousers and that's it! A wonderful new outfit that hasn't cost the earth and that can be reused time and time again.  


Family Occasions 

Is it just me, or do kids today get invited to way more parties than their parents ever did?

I sometimes feel that my children have a far better social life than me and used to worry about what I was going to dress them in for each of these parties so it had looked like I’d at least made an effort with their outfit.

But by having a little collection of colourful bow ties and a set of braces, I’ve found that I don’t need to worry now as they really do make a great little outfit out of a few key pieces. Plus, they always look great on those all-important family photos.


Pictured: Some of our lovely mini DB customers, we think these Harrison kids bow ties would look great styled for a family occasion or special event!                                                            

Ditch the Jumper

Gone is the time that we could throw a Christmas jumper on the kids and have done with it, and I have to say I’m pretty pleased about it too! Looking back on family photos and some of the festive faux-pas my parents forced me into each Christmas and I just cringe!

Ditch the Christmas jumper and opt for a festive red dickie bow and brace combo and you’ll have family photos that won’t embarrass your little prince in years to come.

Christmas Tree Bow Tie

Christmas Collections: Our childrens christmas bow ties can be found on our website leading up to the festive period. See our current collections here


Dress Like Daddy                                                                                   

There’s a massive trend for dressing like mini versions of mummy and daddy right now, so a few formal accessories for the special men in your life can make family days out a real occasion.

From summer fayres and fun days to a meal out, a simple bow tie for dad and son gives their outfits that vintage edge and it's super cute to boot!  We have a huge range of matching ties and bow ties for Father, Son, Daughter, name it!



Picture: Father and son duo wearing sage green bow tie and braces and tie from our Harrison collection





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